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[schema type=”organization” orgtype=”LocalBusiness” url=”” name=”Centre-A” description=”commercial office space kochi,coworking space , Virtual office Solution,Serviced Offices, Meeting Room, Conference Hall,fully Furnished Office space,business lounge, business Address,Virtual Receptionist in Kochi, Cochin,Kerala,India” street=”Centre A , Alapatt Heritage Building, MG Road (North End), Kochi Cochin Kerala– 682035″ pobox=”682035″ city=”Kochi” state=”Kerala” postalcode=”682035″ country=”IN” email=”” phone=”+91-755-99-00020″ ]A commercial office space kochi is defined as a building used of business use or commercial purpose. There are different types of commercial office space it includes office buildings,retail that is , convenience or big bos stores , shopping Malls , warehouses etc. In urban locations , a commercial office space building often contains office on levels from two to ten , with retail shops on the first floor. Authorities maintain different regulations that is necessary for the commercial office space . its important that a business should located in a commercial office space instead of residential office space.

Commercial Office Space for Rent in Kochi With Office space for rent and Business Lounge

Commercial Office Space for Rent in Kochi-Cochin-Ernakulam

Commercial office space (kochi) can be defined in several categories. At a particular level people think of many types of commercial office space, they think about shopping malls, office buildings, warehouses. But commercial building business industry is much more pinpointed when it defining property types. Given below is a index of different types of commercial real estate with a explanation of how commercial office space is divided.

Commercial office Buildings  :are normally grouped into three level class a , class b, class c. These three classifications are interconnected and largely depend on context. Class commercial office building are named as the best in terms of construction and location. Class B commercial office space kochi,  is have high quality construction with a less desirable location. And class c commercial office space kochi is normal quality in normal location .

Central Business District(CBD)commercial office space kochi located in this area are in the heart of a city. In larger cities like kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut and in some medium sized cities like thrissur, chalakudy , irinjalakuda these buildings will include highrises that seen in suburb areas.

Village Office Buildings. This commercial office space kochi normally includes midlevel structure of 10,000 -20,000 square feet located outbound of city center. Sometimes cities may have suburban office parks which assemble several different midlevel buildings into a campus-like settings.

Centre-A Commercial Office Space in  Kochi For Rent

Centre-A Commercial Office Space in Kochi For Rent at MG-Road Ernakulam from Alapatt Group

Commercial office Space for Industrial Manufacturing

In this category all the large manufactures will come and mainly used of industrial manufacturing purpose. This type of commercial building space heavily customized with machinery for the final user, usually need mandatory renovation to re product for another tenant.

Light Assembly commercial office space : These kind of structures are much smaller than the above mentioned heavy manufacturing buildings and usually can easily configured. Mainly this buildings are used to storage purpose , production and office purpose.

Flex Warehouse Commercial office space: Flex office space is industrial property that can be easily modified and normally includes a mixture of both industrial and office space.

Bulk warehouse commercial office space: This properties are very big and normally in the range of 10,000 to 20,000 square feet. This commercial properties are normally used for regional supply of products and require easy access by big vehicles and existing highway systems.

Retail Commercial office space: This is called as strip center. These are smaller retail commercial properties that may contain key tenant . A key tenant is the largest Commercial retail tenant which usually servers to bring customers into the property. Example of key tenants are Reliance Mart and TATA Mart or Supplyco. These strip centers normally contain a mixture of small retail stores like pizza huts, dry cleaning stores , nail beautician centers etc.

Community Retail Commercial office space kochi: Community retail office space are generally in the range of 10,000 -30,000 square feet. Multiple tenants occupy community centers like grocery stores and medical stores. It is normal to find one or more restaurants located in a community retail commercial office space.

Power Center Commercial office space kochi: This normally has different retail shops, but it is differentiated by the presence of a few main box retailers such as Reliance , MORE, Mac-Donanlds , snap Deal etc. Each box retailer usually occupies between 10,000-20,000 square feet and those centers normally contain different out parcels.

Regional Commercial Office space rent : Shopping malls comes under this 400,000-2,000,000 square feet and normally have a collection of key tenants such as department stores or big box retailers like reliance , more or big bazaar groups.

Out Parcel commercial office space for rent : larger retail centers contain more than one out parcels, which are parcels of land set out of the way for individual tenants like fast-food restaurants or ATMs.

Multifamily Commercial office space rent kochi: This is called Garden Apartments. Village garden apartments started coming up in the 1960s and 1970s when youngsters moved from urban centers to the suburbs. Garden flats are typically 4-5 stories with 50-400 units, no elevators and ground car parking facility.

Centre-A Commercial Office Space Kochi for Rent At MG-Road Kochi

Centre-A Commercial Office Space in Kochi For Rent at MG-Road Ernakulam from Alapatt Group

Midrise Commercial Office space rent kochi Apartments: These properties are normally 5-8 stories with 35-123 units and elevator service. This are normally constructed in urban locations.

Highrise commercial office space kochi rent: Highrise apartments are seen in larger markets, normally have 110+ units and are professionally managed

Hotel Commercial office cochin Space: Hotels normally comes in central business districts or tourist areas and contains the brand names like Taj, Holyday Day inn, Marriot.

Limited Service Hotel: Hotels in the limited service section normally boutique properties. These hotels are smaller and don’t generally provide facilities such as room service, on-site hotels or convention halls.

Extended stay Hotel space: These have larger rooms , smaller kitchens and are designed for people staying a month or more.

Special – Purpose Commercial Office Space

The above mentioned categories of commercial building cover the important types of commercial real estate. Anyway, there are different types of commercial office space that investing people can construct and own. Example of unique purpose commercial office space include self storage ,theme parks, marinas, car washes, community centers, churches, temples ,nursing homes etc