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Startups: Transforming a dream into successful business

Starting your own business is like jumping on to an escalator of emotions. The fact remains that anyone can start a business but its only few who can grow and sustain it. The differentiating factor, most often than not, is your appetite to achieve your dream with passion. So, how do you convert your passion into a successful business?

Here are a few tips that might just help you –

Industry Knowledge

Getting to know your contemporaries and competitors is the first thing one should do. For this you need to get familiar with the field. To do this, you may use your own network, reach-out and try speaking to people who’ve started businesses in your industry. This can not only help you to speed quickly, it may help you build an informal advisory board of people who’ve gone through a journey similar to the one you’re embarking upon.

Make a start

If you already have a plan, great! In case you don’t, then the best thing you can do is to jump in; because there’s really no better way to start than diving in head-first. In the beginning, even if you have a plan mapped out, you’d surely would make some changes to your model as there is no such thing as a ‘perfect plan’ and so you shouldn’t be wasting your time to make one. But the benefit of starting a business around a passion is that you know why you’re doing it and can more easily overcome barriers that come up along the way. It’s this deep-rooted drive and enthusiasm that will keep you motivated and engaged with the product or service you’re selling.


To keep your passion a passion and not a burden, it’s imperative that you stay true to yourself. Identifying employees, contractors or specialized vendors who can provide you with such services is crucial. In this day and age, there’s always someone capable, willing, and passionate about those some aspects of your business and getting them on board is a key to your success. For example, if interacting with clients is what you love, then go ahead and offload the other tasks like bookkeeping, website updates, inventory management, etc., to someone else. Even if delegating in this way costs more overall, you’ll gain more time to make more money by stirring up new opportunities for the business, and very importantly, you’ll continue your romance with your daily work and be glad every day to wake up and apply yourself to your passion.

Use your talent & skills

Every job you have as you grow through life goes with you, whether it’s school, work, or creating art. Prior experiences always help develop better interpersonal skills, organizational tools, and also improve your multi-tasking abilities.

Again, a new business may give you long work hours and hard days in the beginning but personal drive and shared similar values with your colleagues can surely help you see you through. The enthusiasm translates to a positive customer experience. And that’s what will build your business.

Turning your passion into a successful business not only allows you to be profitable while doing something you love; it helps set you up for lasting success. Most importantly, passion is central to making decisions that are in the long-term interest of the customer, which will help you establish sustainability and longevity for your brand. So, go ahead and just do it, with passion of course!