We live in stressful times. Many of us don’t have enough time during the day to tick off all our to-do list, and this can single-handly cause a build-up of frustration and stress which isn’t a great thing right? Amid these stressful times, we tend to try too much and end up being a crazy workaholic.

Being a workaholic is not great, and there are negative impacts to it. Think about it, do you get a medal for being the first one to work or the last one to leave? The very fact that you’re always at work can send out negative vibes to your manager who may think you can’t get done what you need to, in the time you have!

Let’s not be too harsh about this, so if you place yourself in the workaholic group, give yourself a good pat on the back for caring so much, but make that the last pat and ensure its a little harder, as a motivation to stop what you’re doing! Working too much is unhealthy in so many ways, which will show up in the long run.


Not sure if you are a workaholic or not, ask yourself, whether you fall into any of these categories:

  1. Do you always work more than you should?
  2. Do people tell you that you work too much, and you take that as a compliment
  3. Do you take your entire annual leave every year?
  4. Do you a social life outside of work?
  5. Do you take your lunch/ tea breaks away from your office or desk?

You don’t have to tick-off every single one of the above, but in case you are nodding to a few of them then there are chances you’re a workaholic. Now, it doesn’t matter how old you are, because millennials are just as likely to be workaholics as more mature workers, it’s not about the age gap here, it’s about your mindset.

So, What should you do about it?

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