Startups have to make a number of hard decisions if they have to succeed in business. Business is more about creating a market, a demand and selling products. This happens when you create the right impression. Having an impressive office is certainly a good way to start but it can be expensive and would mean diverting your money that could be better invested in products and sales promotions. Here are a few tips that should help you get it right.

  1. Spread your net far and wide. This means you must have a business address in all major cities in India and a business address in Kochi is a must because it is one of the fastest growing cities in the South.
  2. Spend the least on offices—rental or owned. The best way is to for fully furnished office in Kochi.
  3. Look for fully furnished office in Cochin that offers private cabins and also co-working spaces in Kochi in the same premises. This way an executive can make use of the cubicle while other staff can work and interact in the common work spaces.
  4. Select only the fully furnished office space for rent in Cochin where you also have access to conference and meeting rooms. The service should have a common receptionist to welcome guests in a business lounge. This is very important if you wish to impress business visitors.
  5. As a startup you may be located in one city but you may also want a presence in other cities like Cochin. In this case you must consider a virtual office in Kochi. You get the benefit of a virtual receptionist, mail, fax and call forwarding. It is like having your office in Kochi but without having to remain present in the city.
  6. Do not hold conferences or meetings in hotels or convention halls. Make use of the business address in Kochi and meeting rooms in Kochi. It costs far less and is far more impressive.
  7. With a prime business location in Kochi and access to virtually all facilities you can make the right impression. Just think of the effect of video conferencing Kochi based virtual office provides.
  8. Look for virtual office in Kochi that you can hire by the day, by the week or by the month. You do not have to enter into a binding contract that would result in blocking a large sum of money for facilities that you require only occasionally.
  9. Check if the office space for rent in Kochi is fully equipped in terms of telecom and high speed internet facility.
  10. A cafe and other amenities in the premises are the other little conveniences that go a long way to help you in your business.

For startups, the main focus, especially when it comes to office facilities, is to get the most for the least. Virtual offices in Kochi offered by Centre A fulfill all expectations and help you succeed beyond expectations.