Look and talk impressive! How? Go on to find out:

  1. Be friendly
    A warm up talk is necessary before you get down to discussing numbers with your clients. But remember to keep your talk professional and not go into details of family ups and downs. Keep it professional yet friendly.
  2. Ask Questions
    Showing  keen interest in the client’s business can lock your deal. Questions like, “What are your business goals?” or “Are you happy with your current marketing strategies?” is sure to impress your clients.
  3. Research about the client
    An in-depth behavioral analysis of your client’s business and projects should be the first on your to-do list before the D-day. This way, it’s a lot easier to ask questions and look impressive.
  4. Know the competitors and industry standards
    Keep your eyes wide open and lend ears to market trends that effect your client. Know your client’s competitors and respective industry standards. This research data can help compile your presentation and add a piece of advice as a description/ note that could possibly help in challenging your client’s competitors.
  5. Look professional
    Look confident, professional and competent. Make sure to be there in time and not run through traffic and sweat to reach office. Wear simple yet classy clothes and most of all those that you are comfortable in. When you wear clothes that keep you at ease and yet professional you straighten up automatically.

Remember; clients are not bothered about your high-end brand shoes or formal attire. All they are concerned about is getting work done that results in expansion and not distrust. So get on your toes be smart, professional and most of all positive. You can do it!

Your meet up can be in a business centre in Kochi or New York, these simple tricks can work anywhere.

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