Office work is rarely plain-sailing which naturally explains all the stress one goes through. It is important to kill the stress as soon as you notice it building up, as otherwise it reduces work efficiency and lessens productivity. We present to you a couple of techniques that you could try out, in case you notice yourself being restless because of the stress you have been building up for quite a while.

  1. Gaze at the ceiling for a count down of 60 seconds.
    This simple posture is an effective way to low down your blood pressure.  Slow count down from 60 can instantly ease out the stress Infact, it serves as a short break you give yourself when under tight scheules.
  2. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
    A simple technique that can instantly uncomplicate the stress build up. Close your eyes and focus on how you breathe. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, repeat the same for a minute or two and notice the difference.
  3. Sunlight is good.
    Sunlight is scientifically proven to make people happy. A quick exposure (for 5-10 minutes) to sunlight can give you all the energy you have lost while sitting in an enclosure. However prolonged exposure to sun can be harmful, and can disrupt the way your body is use to living.
  4. Green Tea = Anti-Stress.
    Tea is refreshing, however sipping milk tea all through the day will just add on calories. Opt for green tea instead. Green tea is considered to be rich in antioxidants and can refresh oneself from within. Moreover green tea is lighter than the regular sugar loaded milk tea.
  5. Try lucid dreaming.
    Lucid dreaming in other words “guided dreaming” is not  just wool gathering. It refers to the state in which, you have control over what you dream. Spending few minutes lucid dreaming after work can help you relax.

All of the above mentioned might not work for you. You need to try them and find out which one of these suit you best and helps uncomplicate all the nail biting stress build up instantly.

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