The culture of a company is presumed to be the “nut and bolt” that holds the organization together! Those who are aware of their talent being an indispensable asset for any organization tend to opt for those companies with professional culture, even if it’s a mediocre pay. Hence, it is important to maintain a good employment brand, if you are trying to build a team to challenge your competitors. Here are some signs that show your employment brand is failing:

  1. Failure to retain your best employees.
    When you are unable to retain the most talented members of the team, it not only shows that they are attracted to better salary packages but also, a sign that they are tired of the company culture. It’s time you introduce a new process and redefine the company culture for 100% employee satisfaction.
  2. Completely relying on perks.
    Perks are fun but make sure it highlights the company’s philosophy. For example, taking your team out for lunch or happy hour on every Friday can be fun but it doesn’t feed the company’s goal or philosophy into the minds of your employees. Good perks keep the team’s goal oriented, motivated and united.
  3. Lack of motivation
    Your team has to be constantly motivated. Motivation can be both internal and external. Lack of motivation can cause dilatory completion of tasks.
  4. Hiring skills, not the person.
    Not every skilled employee can fit into your company culture. Moreover if the person fails to fit, he will definitely under perform. When hiring, try to analyze the person’s cultural background to see if he is a right fit for your company’s working environment.
  5. Taking no risks
    Business never grows without taking risks. It is said that risks are opportunities to learn and grow. Take risks and every time your team succeeds, it will enhance their confidence which in turn impacts productivity.