Are you one of those who munch on junkies when stressed/ hungry or ‘just like that’ and then have a reality check to all the weight you have gained? You try so hard to resist all the junk but you just can’t because of the habits you have developed from time to time without realizing it yourself. Worry not we are here with a munchy list that’s going to be your favourite.

In this blog we are going to give you some quick fixes to sort out your eating habits that you have developed over a period of time resulting in weight gain.


Introducing an easy-peasy munchy list to follow, we promise you’ll never regret it.

  1. Low fat popcorn: Yummy in my tummy right? Popcorn is any day a healthier option than gulping down big bags of chips. Popcorn covers the desire to munch on crunchies.  So go ahead and gulp a mini popcorn tub without guilt.
  2. Baby carrots: They taste much better than the regular big carrots. They are rich in antioxidants, fiber, Vitamin K and the list can go on. Baby carrots accompanied with hummus dip is just perfect for a 4 p.m crunchy munchy.
  3. Walnuts : Walnuts are rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and healthy fats. This is one of mother nature’s perfect gift that enriches one’s health. Walnuts are known to be the king of nuts and is known to have a lot of cancer-fighting properties as well. Go ahead and make sure a handful of walnuts are included in your everyday platter.
  4. Oatmeal Cookies : The perfect substitute for people who are used to having a pack of biscuits with their evening tea/coffee. A pair of Oatmeal cookies can do you good than biscuits infused with maida moreover they are rich in fiber and can fill your stomach sooner than a dozen of chocolate chip cookies that would just add extra pounds.
  5. Yogurt : Yogurt is best known for the properties it withholds that improves digestion. A bowl of curd with a handful of mangoes and bananas or any other fruit of your choice can be a stomach filling snack during your hungry hours at office. This is anyday a healthier option than an ice-cream tub or a fat slice of pastry to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  6. Masala poho : Craving for something chatpata, masala poha it is! Poha is gluten free and is filled with proteins, carbohydrates and iron. The next time you crave for something chatpata, this should be the alternative you choose.
  7. Coconut water : Coconut water is an ideal drink for losing weight. It is low on calories and is easy on any gastric issues that may persist. It’s refreshing and can hydrate oneself instantly.
  8. Bowl of fruits : In case all the above is too much to handle, then just resort to a bowl of fruits. This heavenly add on, to your every day platter is just enough to bring you to a healthier start and feel light and beautiful from within.

We know, it’s not easy considering the amount of junkies you’re used to munching, but it ain’t difficult either. Once your start with it and practice the same for a week you’ll notice the difference and then, it will just be your instinct to eat healthy always.

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