Are co-working spaces safe to work in during a pandemic like COVID-19?

It is of no doubt that COVID-19 has changed our lives greatly, especially the work life. All of a sudden, the only solution was to work from home. But now, it’s to think if we can actually stay safe by working in our usual environment.

Many countries are lifting off restrictions imposed on the society during lockdown, as such a move has resulted in slow economic growth. Maybe, work from home can be fine, but it’s also depressing and stressful to many others. There are many small teams or freelancers who had enjoyed working from coworking spaces, that provided them with all necessary facilities at very affordable rates. Here we are discussing if it would be a good idea to return back to their coworking spaces.

Many co-working spaces are fully operational around the world. But this doesn’t mean you should blindly go sit in one. Maybe the prices have gone down a lot more but no, there are certain things you need to consider before making that move. Because at Centre A, we understand it, and have made all possible safety precautions for those people who would love to work sitting at our spaces. Let us point out some important things to be noted before you start working from a coworking space in the current situation.

  1. Make sure the provider is not trying to stuff and tightly pack people inside a room. It is important to make sure you are following social distancing, and that no one else is working sitting too close to you. 
  2. Do they sanitize the premises? If yes, then good! 
  3. Do they make sure everyone uses hand-sanitizers and face masks? If yes, then it’s great! 
  4. It is a must to keep the workplace cleaned at all times. The workplace will have to be cleaned often that usual routines. 
  5. Keeping everyone informed is another great step! We don’t want someone to break the rules when we have taken all precautionary steps. At Centre A we inform and educate anyone that’s a part of our big family.

So, yes! It is safe to work from coworking spaces, if you can be sure that the above points are met. At Centre A, we are dedicated in providing utmost pleasurable and safe experience for all our clients. You are welcome to visit anytime, and check the safety measures we have taken for your better work experience!


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