Some amount of work stress is normal and it can actually boost the competitive edge in a professional organization. However too much of stress can interfere with the productivity level and impact the work performance in a significant way. The ability to manage stress in an efficient way may mean the difference between success and professional failure. Often stress can be managed in small seemingly effortless ways to make a huge difference.

Ergonomic efficiency

The ergonomic efficiency of the workplace can contribute in a good way to combat stress. A properly designed office space with efficient light and audio conferencing room in Kochi and furniture designed to optimize worker comfort can reduce the chances of accident and injury at work as well as drastically cut down the level of employee stress.

Center A specializes in setting up fully furnished office for rent in Kochi which are ergonomically friendly and designed to promote workplace efficiency.

Physical Activity

Physical activity, which raises the heart beat and the metabolic rate, can cut down a lot on the stress level. Even if exercise may be the last thing on your mind when you are highly stressed, you can be sure that it is one of the best ways to actually beat stress. Many of the Commercial office space for rent in Kochi that are managed by Center A have facilities for gym and indoor games. Even if your office does not offer the same facilities for physical activity, there are many other ways in which you can beat the stress.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator at work. You can also do light stretches after every two hours to improve your blood circulation. Neck twists, shoulder rotations and breathing exercises are just some of the activities you can easily slip in inside your office schedule to reduce stress.

Create Balance in your Schedule

Many people feel stressed out at work because they put off doing many activities until the deadline looms and then suddenly there are too many things to be done in too less a time. It is highly recommended to analyze your work schedule, categorise your responsibilities priority wise and create a time schedule of completion for each of them. All your daily tasks should also be ordered according to level of priority and urgency. Spend 10 minutes every morning in organizing your work day and 5 minutes at the end to chalk out a tentative list of the tasks for the next day. This way you will never be headed for high stress and a burnout as most of your work will be completed on schedule.

Identify your Circle of Concern

The Circle of Concern is an important psychological concept that deals with the range of things and circumstances that are within the scope of your direct influence. Identify these things and you can spend your time and energy in influencing them. Anything beyond your circle of concern is uncontrollable and therefore there is no point in stressing over. The moment you realize this you will be able to beat negativity and stress at the work place.