Today the whole world has become a global village and businesses are increasingly cutting across boundaries of space and geography. In order to keep abreast with the frenetic pace of life, many businesses are demanding virtual office space in Kochi. The concept of virtual office works well because it allows for the maximization of productivity without the creation of boundaries and also helps towards the enhancement of business potential. It is possible for employees to work from whatever location and this cuts on costs too. There are several ways in which virtual offices by Centre A can give your business a huge advantage by helping set up Virtual office in Kochi and Virtual business address in Kochi .

Why opt for Virtual Offices

Access to international handpicked talent without the added cost of relocation fees is a major bonus of opting for a virtual office.

  • There is superior technological support that automates the whole process of video creation and people can work from multiple locations in perfect synergy with each other for clients who are scattered all over the globe.
  • Free from typical brick and mortar structures, time constraints, zero utility payment modes and minimize hardware requirements. Not only are the over head costs slashed but the added savings can be channelized into setting up better service standards and gaining customer satisfaction. The profit margins are widened and businesses get to invest more in their internal customers/ employees too.
  • Turnover rates automatically decrease a lot when employees operate from virtual offices because it is much easier for employees to operate out of their own convenient location or by opting for Virtual office for rent in Kochi.


Unique features of Centre A Virtual Offices

There are some advantages that are uniquely offered by Centre A in order to distinguish their virtual office spaces in Kochi. These advantages give the esteemed clients and customers of Centre A a distinct advantage over the others.

  • Centre A owns some of the finest commercial properties on Kochi’s bustling MG Road and this premier business address is offered to be printed on the business cards and websites of clients who subscribe to the virtual office service in Kochi. Obviously this lends a lot of credibility to the business communication faces and the start up gains value.
  • The professional call management team and the virtual receptionist service in Kochi helps manage the dedicated phone number provided to the virtual office. Personal customization to call answering details and supervision can be done in coordination with clients.
  • There is a dedicated support through 24*7 voice mail channel given to the virtual office through Video Conferencing Kochi and this ensures that client businesses never miss an important call or never have an irritated customer or never fail to make a new contact.
  • The fax handling system and mail handling set up is done expressly according to client instructions.
  • Though the client uses the virtual office set up in Kochi for daily needs but the meetings/ conferences and workshops can be held at business lounge in Kochi, conference halls, auditorium and meeting rooms in Kochi at highly subsidized rates.