Collaborative offices can encourage teamwork and cooperation in many ways. First, let’s understand what a collaborative office essentially means.

A collaborative office is a workspace that takes advantage of open space rather than closing off employees in cubicles or offices. You are likely to see rows of desks with little or nothing dividing them. These offices tend to have spaces where employees can switch their environments by sitting at the business lounge equipped with comfortable couches or open kitchen areas with plenty of seating.

There’s a reason why collaborative offices have become a massive craze. According to their disciples, they vow collaboration and increasingly close-knit teams that can resolve complex problems together. Plus, the savings on office costs don’t hurt, either.

Collaborative office spaces are cost-effective.
One advantage is that they save money on office setup costs. There’s no doubt you can fit more people in a smaller space in a coworking environment, which comes with significant savings for a business.

Teams work more closely.
Collaborative offices can make employees feel closer and interact more, depending on how they are set up. Researchers have found that employees from different teams are nine times more likely to interact if they sit on the same floor. What does that all mean? Positioning employees close together facilitates interaction between them and also helps build team motivation.

Transparent office culture.
Employee interactions become a lot more transparent when you move into a collaborative office space. Everyone can hear everything in an open office, which means there’s a lot less space for secretiveness. It can also bring a sense of equity and unity when employees are situated next to managers. This can create more comfort and trust between employees and their managers, as everyone appears to be at the same level in a collaborative environment.

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