Starting your own business is a bold step towards fulfilling your dreams. As a start-up, the first impression created ought to be the finest to ensure proper business growth. A small business need not necessarily have all amenities in place, moreover, as we all know, a start-up kicks in with minimal resources and investments.

The most vital element that decides the growth of  business is your clientele. Regular meet ups with clients brings you more business in the long run. As a start-up, your workspace need not essentially include a decent provision for these regular meet ups. Needless to say, most entrepreneurs end up having important meetings at coffee shops; which is bizarre. Coffee shops are without doubt, part of the modern approach for quick meetings, however in the current competitive race, the traditional meeting rooms and conferencing solutions is what seizes the deal.

Taking into consideration the difficulties of outsized investments for leasing fully serviced office spaces, We at Centre A provide fully equipped meeting rooms with world class facilities, starting @ just Rs. 500/- .

Still hesitant about signing up for meeting rooms? Here, take a look at some of the advantages behind renting meeting/conference rooms:

Nippy investment

This is one of the most important benefits behind renting meeting rooms. As a start-up the return on investments is bound to be low when compared with the capital invested. Hence, renting a meeting room is any day, a better way to lessen expenditures.

Remember, with onsite meeting room comes ‘complimentary’ maintenance costs which can be an expense that is uncalled for. Be wise, choose better substitutes that lessen your expenditure and ensure promising results; In short, choose Centre A.

Centre A meeting rooms is loaded with state-of-the-art facilities that are sure to impress your clients. Yes!, it’s reasonably priced (starting at just Rs.500/-)


”Sometimes all you need is space”, cramping your clients in a small room with barely any leg space is a terrible idea. Imagine it yourself, would you like to sit in a room that denies freedom to move and breath cause of the crowd trying to fit in? Not at all!

Feel for your clients; renting a meeting room is definitely the advice of the wise. Choose meeting room services at Centre A; spacious, equipped with advanced audio/video and presentation solutions, un-interrupted internet connectivity, courteous staff at your service and many more…



Meetings are important and so should be the venue chosen.

Conducting a meeting is not it, the amenities provided to your clientele is what matters. Apart from the location being easily accessible, safe car parking space for your clients is important. You wouldn’t want frustrated clients walking into an important meeting, would you?

Now building a car parking space is a pointless investment. So what next? Centre A meeting room facilities it is! Centre A meeting rooms is located in the heart of Kochi, easily accessible and not to miss out, the carking parking amenities.


Modern technology

A meeting is never complete without a presentation. On-site meeting rooms usually lack latest technology in audio/video and presentation solutions. This is  where renting a meeting room is profitable.

Centre A meeting rooms come with state-of-the-art audio/video and presentation provisions, that’s not all, high-speed enterprise internet connectivity with Wi-fi is sure to add that extra spot of professionalism.


Options available

Everything comes with an option, and so does meeting rooms. Conferencing solutions at Centre-A has a variety of seating options depending on the number of people attending the meeting. Also, added alternatives such as catering services, admin and IT support team, business concierge services, training rooms, etc are available.

Renting meeting rooms, is definitely a better option to ensure happy endings to meetings. Book now: