If you are an entrepreneur-to-be, there are 3 quintessential principles that sway your startup dream and determines its triumph or downfall.

  1. Understand that any business be it big or small cannot stay as a one man play.
  2. Recruitment is the prime factor that holds your business success. One can kick-start a dream alone but will need to employ manpower to bring it to life.
  3. The ideal candidate is not easy to find. The hunting process can devour your time and leave you drained out. However this needs to be prioritised well with enough to time assess candidates.

Over-looking these core principles can result in downfall. There are numerous reasons why a startup fails within weeks of commencement. Some of the reasons include: legal challenges, mediocre product/ service, no capital, diverted focus etc. Looking at failed startups can prevent you from taking your first step, but always remember everything is worth a try. Instead of constantly researching about startups that have lost balance midway, choose to read and research about startups that kicked-off as nothing but are the most successful ones up to date.


How to hire your first team

As mentioned earlier recruitment is a very important factor that decides the destiny of your business. The recruitment process will be new to most of you and can leave you stressed, irritated and angry. But what you need to take note of is, that, every passion is backed up with umptious stress and one needs to bravely confront it to fulfill your dream.

While preparing an interview questionnaire for potential candidates, it is essential to take note of a few questions which are listed below as the answers received can help assess if a candidate is an ill-fit, a mid-fit or a perfect fit. Technical skill assessments and aptitude tests are equally significant.It is important to know who and how your first employee is and would turn out to be.

  1. Describe any challenges you have faced so far in life ?
    (The answer can be personal or professional)
  2. What are you passionate about?
    (If the candidate has no passion then he or she will definitely be a misfit for your organisation. It is important to understand what your potential candidate is passionate about as this helps you align your company objectives accordingly.)
  3. What are you goals?
    (A captivating question that can lead to wacky or professional answers. The answers received can help assess if the candidate is easily adaptable to any dynamic environment and if he/she wants the given opportunity for personal and professional growth.
  4. Any experience that has taught you a lesson?
    (This will help you assess if the potential candidate can take criticisms creatively and learn from mistakes made)

This is just an overview of how you could build your first startup team. Wait until our next blog’s up with more tips to help you get through this laborious mission.

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