Virtual teams and virtual offices have slowly started gaining momentum. Established companies and startups today are open to hiring skilled professionals irrespective of their geographic differences. However, lack of physical presence comes with downsides as well. Here are a couple of tips that will help surpass the downsides of having a virtual office and a virtual team.

Communicate regularly and frequently

Regular communication with your virtual team is vital to keep the team connected to a single objective. Also, regular communication facilitates solving chaos and keeping unnecessary worries away. Ensure you use easy instant message tools such as Skype etc to bridge the physical gap. Regular voice/video calls should be a part of your everyday list to ensure work is under control and supervised wisely.

Appreciate work

Your virtual employees need more motivation to work than your physical employees. Hence, it is important for you to recognize their good work and praise them accordingly. The minute you start acknowledging their presence, they instantly light up and put in an extra effort to turn things around faster and better. Appreciating is the sign of a prosperous work culture.

Be flexible and promote a flexible work environment

A virtual team in itself is flexible. However, it is imperative to let your virtual team decide their work schedule and how they would like to contribute their services. It might at times be difficult for you to cope up with the schedule. But hey, that’s what good leaders do! Let your virtual team decide their work schedule and they would love to work for you.

Be considerate and build trust

Building trust might sound easy but is the most difficult task to deal with specially when you have a virtual team on board. A virtual team may consist of people working from different locations and different time-zones. Hence it is important that you keep in mind these conditions while you schedule a meeting and allocate tasks for the day.

Social Get togethers

Schedule and plan out annual get togethers where your virtual team can come together and unwind. These get togethers help build stronger employee relationships and also helps understanding your virtual team in person.

So what is a healthy and prosperous work environment? Simple! A healthy workplace be it virtual or physical is where you allow your teammates to grow personally, give them work flexibility, trust them and appreciate their contributions.

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