Startups, small and medium enterprises and corporates, all need to hold conferences from time to time. You could have as few as five people attending the meeting or as many as 25 or more. A conference these days is not just the getting together of people for discussions. A typical conference may involve presentations where you need audio visual equipments, video conferencing to allow participants located anywhere to participate in the ongoing discussions and of course support such as refreshments and catering. There are two options: hold your conference in a high end hotel or conference hall and end up paying exorbitant rates. The other better, cheaper and far more effective alternative is to book meeting rooms in Kochi or conference room for rent in Kochi in the right settings provided by Centre A, the city’s premier business centre.

What would you look for in a conference room?

  • The conference room and its facilities are important no doubt but what is on the outside is equally important.
  • First is the location. Centre A is located in the business heart of Kochi and presents a sophisticated corporate look. Anyone entering the premises of the shared office space in Kochi is immediately struck by the high profile appearance. The virtual receptionist in Kochi welcomes delegates and assists in finding their way to the meeting room for rent in Kochi after alerting you about the arrival of participants while they wait in the well furnished business lounge in Kochi.
  • Coming to the conference room for rent in Kochi itself you would consider the size of it.  If there are only 5 to 6 attendees a large room would seem a bit uncomfortable just as a small room would not be a fit place for a group of 20 or so people. Centre A, the prime address for fully furnished office in Kochi, has a suite of conference rooms for rent in Cochin, each sized differently and priced accordingly.  You can pick a room suitable for the number of delegates attending the conference.
  • Since a conference can be more than just a gathering and discussions you would want facilities at hand. Centre A commercial office space for rent in Kochi provides all facilities and this includes telephone on demand, video conferencing to anywhere in the world through high speed broadband internet, audiovisual equipments and a full complement of service staff for assistance with refreshments or just about anything. With a pantry in-house and a café in the premises, entertaining business delegates is easy. Should you require anything or if there is a hitch, you need not worry about proceedings being held up because you have backup staff always on call to take care of any issues.
  • Pricing is important. You may be a startup or a small entrepreneur and you want affordable meeting room for rent in Cochin. Centre A’s facilities are first rate but priced to be quite affordable.


Call meetings and hold conferences with confidence knowing you will be able to put up a million dollar front, make the best impression and still pay only a reasonable amount and that too only for services you avail. How about that?