When one is thinking about the different work environments that have become a part of our culture, work from home and freelancing are two peculiar entities. Earlier work was considered as the output of a joint synergy that culminated the joint effect as the end product, in a closed environment. With the advent of infrastructure cramp, organizations have moved into a new form of working called the ‘work from home’. In this, people are an innate part of the organization, however are working from their house.
A new trend that has swung its way into the Indian work culture is Freelancing. Here talented individuals work for different clients, of their choice, and are not an innate part of any group. They are either paid on an hourly, weekly, monthly or even a per assignment basis for their work. In US alone there are 53 million freelance workers.
Though freelancing gives freedom and the power to enjoy one’s lifestyle, there are some disadvantages of being one too. Some of them include, lack of focus or a sense of direction, because of distraction. Lack of motivation is another problem that individuals face, as there is no team pressure that would generally give the thrust for individuals to work at office.
To overcome such scenarios the co-working idea was created. Brad Neuberg was one who used the word “co-working” to describe a group of people who were working under one roof but not for the same cause. This whole idea worked under the ‘shared office space’ concept. People could be part of an office space and yet be working on unrelated tasks; the sense of individuals around keeps them empowered.
As per Forbes, co-working has made Hong Kong as an industrial hub that is in par with the Silicon Valley. Stats indicate that freelance is on the rise in India, this provides opportunities for collaboration. Some of the main co working spaces in the country are in Mumbai. However, the trend has slowly shifted to South India also. Considering that Kerala is among the states to quickly catch up with global trends, co working has also become a part of the work force here. The major cities in Kerala have had an impact on the progress of such a culture. Many youngsters are on the watch out for Co-working space in Kochi, Trivandrum, etc.
The idea of a synergized environment surely enhances the work culture and gives the individual a new perspective. Most spaces offer daily, weekly and monthly rental options for co-workers. Be it the Co-working space in Cochin or the one in the Trivandrum, they all serve as an ideal platform for individuals who are in search for making a living out of the talent. With the help of technology and job availability, work does not have to be a monotonous task anymore!
Work has shifted from being a top-down approach to a bottom up effect. The trickle-down effect of pressure is now felt in the reverse direction, because of the power that rests upon the freelance employees today. Whenever, a freelancer believes that loneliness spoils one’s working spree, Co working is, indeed, the best the option that you should look for.