As matters stand, startup companies have already invested heavily in infrastructure and personnel. When it comes to maintaining offices across the country, it is beyond their resources. It is the same with traveling businessmen, consultants and marketing professionals. This is where affordable co-working space in Cochin offered by Centre A proves to be perfect in more ways than one.


World class facilities, Indian rates

Keeping in mind the requirements of startup companies, consultants, marketing professionals and traveling businessmen, Centre A offers the C-Pod Access service, a co-working space in Kochi package that addresses all their needs at a low, monthly rental. The package covers:


The benefits for startups

Startups may plan and initiate campaigns calling for the involvement of field staff in cities across India. These teams can be called for meetings in the meeting rooms in Kochi and may work at desks in the co-working space in Cochin. This saves cost and the labour involved in finding as well as setting up these operations. Centre A has all possible business services in-house.

  • Productivity and efficiency increases since managers can concentrate on work rather than having to worry about the infrastructure
  • The co-working office space creates the right impression in the minds of the public and all stake holders of the startup company.

Startup companies may need to maintain a regional presence in which case the virtual business address in Kochi with its fully staffed co-working space in Cochin becomes their business address. What startups find so attractive about the co-working schemes from Centre A is that they do not have to commit for a full month or a year or any defined time period. If your campaign will last for a week, then you need to pay for only a week. Other facilities are available at a discount on a pay as you go basis.  Compare this to the cost of maintaining a separate office in Kochi and staff to man the office and the rates work out to be affordable. Besides, a separate office would not have facilities such as pantry, café, high speed internet and world class video and audio-conferencing that Centre A offers from its fully furnished office in Kochi.  There are separate cabins, conference and meeting rooms and a common area with desks.

Given the advantages, no startup would ever want to buy and operate its own offices and thus block their capital.