Are you a freelancer? Then this one’s for you.

9-to-5 jobs aren’t in anymore; being a freelancer is hip, hot and happening. Well if you’re wondering how and why this new genre of work culture is soaring, probably its only because a strict 8 hour job limits your possibility to creativity resulting in monotony and boredom.

Mind you, we aren’t promoting job natures here, this is purely a standpoint.

So, let’s get back to why freelancing is kicky and happening. Most of us have a fallacious notion that freelancers do not have to struggle to work and can choose to work when they want to. Well that’s not true. Freelancers have to put in a lot of effort to stay stable and at times is required to put in extra hours to deliver the needed. One chooses to be a freelancer only because they do not wish to trap their creativity in an enclosure that has a curfew.

As a freelancer, one usually chooses to work in solace, preferably from home. But when you do so, you are essentially missing out on building your network and might eventually forget what being professional meant. Also, another distress that will linger around your creative soul is being lazy and pushing your tasks a day forward all because today was just not your day.

In due course such distress can prove hazardous to one’s career growth. Oh! Don’t you get all worked up on this, we have just the right thing in store for you. Keep reading to know more.

Co-working spaces is a smart option to work from. No! It’s not one of those tedium enclosures. Co-working spaces is more like a community of inventive minds who can prove to be advantageous in no time. Every time you feel low and stuck; turn around for some motivation. Also, you can grow in terms of business; entrepreneurs can directly converse if they spot talent that’s indispensable. Our co-working spaces in Kochi come with pantry, beverage and cafe services as well. Yes! We are serious your hunger pangs will be taken care of, that’s sort of a relief we know. Let’s get to the best part, you don’t have to scroll through LinkedIn to build your white collar network, it’s out there; move around, figure out and you’re done.


We can go on with the list but for now this is some food for thought, think it through and give it a try.

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