The phenomenon of co-working spaces (i.e. a shared office space), be it for rent or lease, has really

caught up in South India, especially in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi (also known as Cochin),

etc. Co-working spaces have increased by more 400 percent in the last three years because of their two

primary benefits– a community to be a part of and collaborative environment.


Indie businesses have come out of the old fashioned way of starting a business at home or a restaurant.

For consultants, freelancers, and many more striving entrepreneurs and freelancers to start something

of their own – co-working setups is the new savior. People don’t look at it as only a place to get one’s

work done, but it is looked upon as a platform to build a community of likeminded people.


There were days when the word ‘office’ would bring a cubicle to your mind, but it is not the case

anymore. Organizations are getting flatter and so people also expect such a work style in a co-working

environment. Working at home can get lonely and a restaurant or coffee shop can be distracting, but a

co-working environment can be a confidence builder. Associating with such a group of highly self

motivated individuals can keep one focused and motivated.


Many great individuals value the importance of co-working for the kind of relationships that they build.

Because of a sense of common direction, though different paths are followed, everyone is protective of

each other and continue to help one another. When it becomes a part of your routine work style the

work group has a positive influence on your passion and lifestyle. Experts believe that being in the

company of such innovators and early adopters can be a platform to build investors and future partners.


It also believed that exposure to such a platform will help you save time by learning about new

resources, apps, best practices and more from the people that you co-work with. A shared office space

for a low rent, and a group of concurring people will give you the energy to succeed even in highly

competitive places like Kochi. With many working spaces now operational worldwide and new spaces

starting up every day, it is crucial that high standards are met. Firms are also no more looking to restrict

themselves to deliver a positive experience but are focused on the longevity of the space too.


Co-working is, indeed, a fundamental shift from not only from the traditional mediums of work, but also

in the way that people work. This can really serve as a model for larger communities. Be it a company

you work for or a business enterprise that you are looking to build, such a platform has all the essentials

elements to build your confidence. More and more people are choosing to opt for such a platform

because of the many benefits that have been listed in the blog. Though some even now consider it as a

quirky fad it seemingly points toward the future of work.