Over the years, there has been a dramatic change in the way professionals across the globe choose to work. Opting for dynamic co-working spaces over traditional office spaces is one of the major shifts that has positively impacted people around the world. However, this shift is yet to be absorbed by some business communities as they are skeptical of this movement and think that this disrupts long-held business norms. 

We casually approached a few of them to understand why the ‘co-working wave’ hasn’t tapped in yet in their business world. Well, we received a lot of surprising myths which were; people often think co-working spaces are too distracting, noisy, and mostly suitable only for startups.  Some of them even thought that ‘co-working space’ was just another fancy name given to a regular workspace. 

While many co-working spaces do have a casual vibe, there is undeniably more ‘work’ than play. So, today, we bring to you a few myths that we plan to bust right in the head, and we secretly hope this changes your perspective to why co-working spaces could actually be the best you could opt for!  


Myth #1 that’s about to get busted :  “Coworking spaces are for startups only”

Busted #1: Coworking spaces are great for startups as they cut down on overhead costs, but this doesn’t necessarily mean startups are their primary users. Affordable prices, a dynamic environment and ease in transitions (staffing, location, and renovations) many large enterprises are looking towards coworking spaces as a solution. 

Myth #2 that’s about to get busted : “Have a fully-functional office so why coworking spaces”

Busted #2 : The usual traditional office spaces are undoubtedly a comfort zone for a majority of businesses, which is why co-working spaces become a strange territory for them. The perception, however, is gradually changing, and more individuals are starting to adapt to this change of the way business works. Companies are today using co-working spaces for a variety of tasks, for example, hosting business meetings with visiting clients, providing workspace solution for short-term employees, or renting the space during the expansion of the business. 

Myth #3 that’s about to get busted : “ Coworking spaces work best for solo-preneurs

Busted #3: Not at all! Do you know what the other name for co-working spaces is? “Flexible space.” Every co-working model is made to be flexible and works for all businesses irrespective of size. You could be starting a venture, a freelancer, or simply expanding your business – co-working spaces can be customized to your needs. Co-working spaces will not only work for solo entrepreneurs but also provide an excellent setting for all sizes of enterprises looking to combat isolation and to thrive in a productive environment.