Confused about heading back to your workspace?

CEOs around the globe has expressed their worry in continuing the “Work from Home” scenario for too long. Even though it seemed fine at first, companies have found their employees to become less focused at work, less social, improper balance between work and life, and many more.  

And the COVID situation is highly unpredictable with the virus hitting cities like waves – one after another. And many entrepreneurs are confused if they should be staying home tolerating all the disadvantages or find a way to work from office, in a very safe and secure manner. And many of us would agree, that it is always better to work from your professional workspace than at home! It is important to keep your business alive, while you also make sure you are safe from the threat of devastating pandemic.

At Centre A, we understand this right into the depth of our hearts. And so, we have taken all necessary measures to keep your workplace safe. Apart from standard safety equipment installation – we also stay up-to-date and follow latest safety practices – like not using the elevator but the stairs.

Now, it’s not just about Centre A. What we emphasis here is that it would be safe for you to work from your workspace, if it’s maintained pretty well to fight the virus. Kochi being a hotspot to the virus, it is definitely important to find safe coworking or private offices in Kochi. Beyond all that, if you are worried of sitting inside air conditioned – tightly packed rooms then, worry not! At Centre A, we offer spaces to work on the rooftop in the open air. Plus, even if you work inside four walls, you need not worry, as we do not allow people work sitting too close to each other. And if you find yourself to be a person who cannot follow the rules, and do not take proper care, then you might still need to stick to “Work from Home”. If you wish to be outside, then you better maintain social distancing, and other follow other rules put forward by the governments.

Would you like to know more about the safety measures we’ve implemented to keep it highly safe and secure for our clients? Get in touch with us today!


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