Remote working is the mode of working today. Whilst it was uncommon to unheard of a few years ago, it is now the new normal. However, disadvantages seen at the beginning of the pandemic continue: distractions from family members or pets, network connectivity issues and power-cuts disrupting work schedules, lack of necessary office resources and the list goes on. Problems vary, yet an issue was relatively consistent across the board: reduced collaboration with colleagues and the elimination of meaningful face-to-face meetings. Even when offices were open, another issue was often a struggle for space for collaboration and meetings. The solution to both is here and is paving the way for the future: coworking spaces. 

Coworking spaces are typically office and work spaces used by the self-employed or those working for different employers. These collective workspaces are generally an affordable and flexible option for company colleagues or employees of unrelated organizations. Whether it be individual work space, collaborative work or company meetings, these rooms can meet the need.  

Whilst choosing a coworking space, keep in mind that every person and business has their own personality and work style. The work space chosen should reinforce the work culture that is aimed for. This becomes difficult to do if work spaces are unorganized or do not have the IT resources or services needed.  

Introducing Centre A- a work space that ticks all the boxes. This elegant space is located in the middle of MG Road in Ernakulam, the center of the Business District of Kochi.

Not only do they offer professional coworking spaces, they also have: 

  • Sophisticated private offices for individual or group working or even business meetings, equipped with dedicated telephone lines and client greeting services,  
  • Virtual offices for skilled colleagues based far and wide 
  • Meeting rooms for teams to discuss projects and for companies to discuss ways to move forward.  

    The first equipped and managed Business Centre and Shared Workspace operator in Kochi, Centre A provides more than just first-class workspaces, it provides first-class services, too. The private offices have a team of trained staff to help in the secretarial tasks, administrative field and IT areas. There is also a 24-hour security service ensuring safety to work at any time and room. Complimentary beverages and newspapers are available. The staff and services have received excellent reviews. 

    Who can use Centre A? 

    Start-ups, businessmen and businesswomen who need to travel, freelancers and many others benefit from the rooms available at Center A, in particular the coworking space. More than just a collaborative work space, it has individual work desks with storage space; supplies a well-known business address (no more shuttling to the office, home and last hotel stayed at to collect an important document that was mailed. Just one address for all needs); the latest IT office resources and premium grade supplies; secure internet and Wi-Fi connection. Not to mention that by using the coworking room, the meeting rooms can be used at a discount price. The packages that can be availed for the coworking space are Basic, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The virtual rooms have packages based on client needs, too. 

    For more specific meetings, there are elegant private offices with modern furnishings and all the audio-visual devices required to conduct business and meetings successfully. This includes secure telephone lines and customer greeting and reception service. 

    There is a rooftop café for events, after-work drinks and to relax and recharge. 

    Kitchen and shower facilities are available as well as nearby places to stay the night. Transport is easy with free car and bike parking and a short walk from public transport facilities. There is an onsite restaurant and snacks available for when it is time to refuel. It is easy to go on and on about their many facilities but it will be easier to see for yourself by booking a room and visiting their site: which will be sure to quieten any uncertainties you have. 

    Coworking spaces are being dubbed as the mode of future work practices. However, Centre A- with its coworking spaces and so much more-shows us that the future is already here.