Work from home might not be what we all wish for but the pandemic forced us to shut inside our homes, and then Work From Home was the only way businesses could operate. Now, many of us would wonder if Work From Home is the best possible solution for businesses even during the “Post-Pandemic” period. Yes, it can cut short your bills and it seems more convenient but here are some negative impacts of work from home which you should consider before making up a decision.

1. Unable to follow company policies

Since the begining of work from home days, companies around the world realized that their employees fail to follow company policies, or the management is unsure on how to ensure the policies are maintained.

2. Is everyone performing?

Another major is the failure to distinguish who is performing and who’s not! There are some cool monitoring systems but most of these still don’t provide 100% accurate data. Other tools might be too strict and demotivate your employees.

3. Mental burnout

When you work from home, you are exposed to pressure from both work and personal life all at the same time! This definitely needs no further explanation.

4. Low team spirit

It might be hard for someone to understand the overall objective of the team as there is very less personal interaction and enthusiasm being shared. If you are not able to bring your team members along to achieve the organizational goals, then you will soon be lacking performance.

5. The actual cost of work from home

You might be able to cut down the rental costs but on the other hand, you are letting in a lot of indirect expenses. A careful examination of the work from home system clear shows this!

What are your thoughts? Would you prefer to work from home or office? What are other negaitive impacts you would like to add to our list?