There are those days when you just yawn your way through work. A cup of coffee ain’t enough, neither does a cup of tea decide to support you and to top it all you have strict deadlines to adhere to. So what do you do then? Load yourself with caffeine or scroll through facebook and watch cat/dog videos? Well those were the unproductive options. We have couple of productive choices that could be of some help.


Here goes number 1:

Get up for a professional stroll.

In, case you are caught up with sending emails and follow-ups to your colleagues, you can choose to walk up to them and converse on the subject. This doesn’t mean you don’t send emails at all and  end up talking about your ancestors for hours. Keep it professional, walk up to them discuss the concerned subject after which, make sure to drop a mail as well, just as a reminder.


Number 2:

Everything at a distance.

To stay active during office hours the best you can do is organize your workspace smartly. How? Simple; keep your telephones, files and other daily office stationery at a distance so that every time you need them, you have to stand up to reach out. This way you aren’t always sitting and yawning but taking mini exercises to stay active.


Number 3:

Take the stairs instead.

The one advice everybody gives, “take the stairs and not the elevator”. This ain’t a joke. People who wake up just 15-30 minutes prior to the start of their office hours and just rush to office usually  miss out on the much needed exercises to kick-start their metabolism right. In this case taking the stairs instead could wake you up and start your day afresh. Oh! Most of all don’t miss out on the important meal of the day, ‘breakfast’.


Number 4:

Attention, stand at-ease!

Stand-at-ease but with your back up straight whenever you can. For instance: If you are over a call, stand wherever you are or walk a step or two. This sure helps in staying active during office hours and keeps you healthy. These are the much needed mini-exercises you could give yourself during sleepy office hours.


Last but not the least number 5:

Drink water and not coffee every time you yawn. One cup or probably two cups of coffee/tea is just enough for the day, not one every hour. Drink water and take frequent loo breaks. This is a much refreshing break than coffee and cigarettes.


Well, we hope these tips help you stay active through your work hours. If you are still yawning then probably the interiors you are in is just playing games and that’s when you go up to your boss and say a word or two about us, Centre A. We provide fully serviced premium office spaces in the heart of Kochi, that are ergonomically designed keeping your work environment fresh and bright all day. We have it all covered, from beverage services to daily housekeeping.


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