We are all part of the workaholic crowd; work all through the week and worry about work over the weekend. At times excess work pressure results in a dip in work enthusiasm which calls for a day/ week off to restore working spirits, while office projects take turns at escalation. Situations get worse when employers send memos across for ill management of assigned projects. What happens next? Frustrated employees resigning! Well, the root cause to unhappy employees is, not having a provision within their workspace to de-stress and unwind. As an employer or entrepreneur, don’t you think this could be taken care off? Yes it can! You can either invest in creating a recreational facility for your employees or probably switch to signing up for fully serviced office spaces.

Many companies ignore the need of leisure facilities at work, as they presume, office is a place to work and home is the ultimate heaven to de-stress. But always remember, the significance of rejuvenation is rooted in human bodily processes. We are not designed to use up energy endlessly, instead we are meant to proportionately divide time between spending and recovering energy. An 8-9 hour work schedule should not be spent at your desk alone, quick breaks would help in recovering the spent energy. All the more, studies have proved that a short interval every 90 minutes can maximize productivity.

Letting your employees take quick breaks is not enough. Providing recreational facilities within the office space is the actual key to increase productivity. These recreational facilities can include lounges, cafes, smoke area, games, etc…

Recreation in workspace can do wonders on employee productivity levels. Ample time for leisure can promote resourcefulness and novelty which in turn will result in lower employee turnover and strengthen employee-company relations. As an employer or entrepreneur, your goal should be creating a fun, motivating and dynamic work environment for your employees; as employees majorly contribute to the sustenance of the company. Moreover disgruntled employees will ultimately lead to poor work execution.

Every office space should essentially include recreational facilities for employees to de-stress and restore their working spirits. Well if your office space is small and brimming with staff already then squeezing in a recreation facility might be close to impossible. Don’t worry! Sign up for Centre A serviced office spaces. Kochi, the prime location it is! Reasonably priced, premium facilities and yes, our office spaces come with fun recreational facilities that include sky cafe lounge, foosball and many more.

Centre A provides office spaces for rent in Kochi that are fully equipped with premium facilities, we believe in office being both, a place to work and a place for motivation, hence designed work spaces with ample space, un-interrupted internet connectivity, comfortable seating, good interiors, recreational facilities, premium meeting/ conferencing solutions and many more, that are sure to keep your employees on high work spirits all day.

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