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Setting up your first office is always a hassle, especially with limited capital in hand. Most newbie entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in general settle for renting or leasing out small house-like offices in remote areas or under-developed areas just so that they can invest their capital in other resources so as to build their empire sooner. As entrepreneurs you fail to understand that the handful of employees you recruit may find it difficult to come to work specially if they are living closer to the city assuming that opportunities may pave in.

Sooner or later reality strikes in and you find your employees quitting due to ill-management and most importantly commuting issues. No one would like spending majority of their pay and time in conveyance everyday. Also, employees who travel long hours to be at work are likely to be disturbed and put-off.

Effects of long travel hours to work - Disadvantages

Long commuting hours to work results in decreased productivity thus leading to issues like:

Increased turnover rates :Long commute hours to work results in people wanting to quit your workplace.

Increased absents of people at work : People tend to be lazy and find ways to take an off from work simply because they get tired of the long hours of travel.

Reduced or no employee engagement :When your employees walk-in late and carry the stress of travel they are most likely to be disinterested in any kind of employee activity or engagement.

Higher employee stress : Long commute hours to work means, lesser time to spend with loved ones, this has an adverse effect on mental health.

Reduced employee health : Studies show that sitting for long hours and less time for exercise due to long travel hours may result in risks of being obese, excess belly fat, high blood pressure These issues can only increase the medical costs for an organisation.

Increased human errors : Longer commuting hours to work leads to an irritated morning thus resulting in stress and distraction leading to increased human error during work completion

Persistent tardiness:Long travel hours to work result in frequent late-coming. Checking on everyone who arrives late leads to a lot of waste of time.

Reduced income to spend:We all work to get paid as we have responsibilities lined up and recreation wishes to achieve. However with longer commute hours to work means increased expense on travel which in turn results in lower job satisfaction and increased stress of no adequate funds to fulfill necessities.

Hence proved, a workplace that is easier to commute results in numerous benefits for both the company and the employees. Office spaces near the metro stationprove to be easily accessible as people do not have to worry about choosing multiple commute options to reach home.

Centre A provides Our office space is located in MG Road which makes it easy to access as you have many options to choose from to commute. However we are even more excited to let you know that, with the launch of Kochi metro, Centre A office spaces is just a metro ride away. It is approximately 50 meters away from the nearest metro station. Centre A office space solutions is equipped with everything you need and what’s more it is near the metro station.

We provide:

  1. Fully furnished office spaces
  2. Virtual office solutions
  3. Co-working spaces
  4. Fully-equipped meeting and conference solutions
  5. Hot desk membership packages

Additional services that tag along:

  1. Office space with car parking facility
  2. Office space with business lounges
  3. Office space with cafe and recreational space
  4. Office space with guest relation services and more…

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