Efficient tips to work from home

While the COVID19 outbreak continues to keep us at home, here are a couple of tips that could help you build a positive work from home schedule.

1. If you have a routine stick with it.

Work from home makes most of us laze around, sleep late and wake up 5 minutes just before login with a massive dose of caffeine. This kind of routine is quite a disaster and affects productivity. Just because you’re not going to an office, necessarily doesn’t mean you should skip your weekday morning preparations. Most of us have a routine when going to work, so make sure you do not skip that. Wake up at your regular time, freshen up, get dressed for real as pajamas can pull your productivity down. What does this do? Well, it just mentally prepares you for the day!

2. Make a space at home for work

Work from home essentially gives everyone a feeling of staying in bed or lazing around on the couch and working. However, choosing to sit upright and work on a desk can ultimately ring in the positivity. Set your workstation not on the bed, not on the couch, but a proper table. In case you don’t have that kind of space, then make use of your dining table. What does this do? It gives you a feeling that you’re at work, you maintain a good posture, you can overlook distractions, and of course, you don’t get tempted to take short naps now and then.

3. Get up and take mini-breaks.

Working from home for most of us would mean sitting for the entire day and no track of time. When at work, you make sure to get up, walk around, have lunch, etc. but at home, you end up sitting all day and have fewer reasons to get up. There are two ways to deal with this. One, you can either invest in a desk that’s higher and lets you stand and work or choose to get up from your seat regularly. You can also take a lunch break, walk around your balcony, and get that much needed fresh air.

4. Don’t multitask work and home chores.

Working from home can mean that you have enough time to tidy up your space, take care of household chores while you take mini breaks between office work. Well, there’s nothing wrong with taking mini-breaks in between, but don’t overload yourself with household chores. Think of it this way, if you were at work, would you take a break and go home to get your dishes done? No right! So that’s how you should do even when you work from home. You can assign a time of your day for household chores, but don’t mix them up with your work schedule as it can get strenuous and lower your productivity.

5. Connect with your colleagues regularly

If you are closely working with a team, make sure you create to-do-lists before you start your day and assign tasks, timelines, and of course, motivate your team members from time to time. What does this do? It helps you organize the day for you as well as those you work with. You can set up skype calls, or any other video conferencing tools you use to connect with your team regularly and keep their spirits high.


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