The popularity of co working is increasing quite rapidly in recent times, considering that it was an idea that was not thought of some years back. Be it entrepreneurs or start ups or even small businesses, the cost of working is indeed one of things that would be in everyone’s mind.

A research was conducted based on the things that interested co working individuals about such an environment. The top 5 reasons that they had mentioned has been listed here. This could surely help if you are thinking about looking for co working space in cities such as Kochi (Cochin).


Networking is key

If you are thinking about one element that will help your business in such a share office space it is networking. There are times, many will agree, that the stranger sitting next to you will be the one who would render a service that your business can benefit from. An important thing about working in such an environment is to understand what your friends are doing, this is very crucial from a professional standpoint and it also helps you understand your neighbours better.


Helps others grow

When you are talking about a co working setup it is not always about you. It would mean that you have to see other businesses thrive. A start up might begin with a few employees and start growing over time by adding more freelancers from within the co working space and get set to fly away. Most often they have some of the brightest minds working under the same roof; this is the secret of success for many firms looking for that perfect team.


A place to share your food

For many people Co working is something that keeps away the loneliness of working at home. Most often such people spend their time sitting in a coffee shop and hoping that the wifi doesn’t die.  Therefore, these platforms provide them an opportunity to socialize and network with likeminded professionals with an occasional chat or a lunch which will surely leave one with the energy to last for the week.


Low cost environment

For young entrepreneurs renting a space and furnishing an office could be not affordable because of budget constraints that choke every start up. Co working offers low overhead costs for firms that are looking to expand to a larger office within a few months but are presently forced to work under restrained budgets. Of course for a freelancer this is the perfect low cost environment where one can stay focused.


Work in your style

Freelancers would want to work in their own style, and co working spaces surely help them to do so. Some of the famous co working spaces offer free coffee, happy hours, frozen yogurt machines and massage chairs. And all of these are available round the clock.

There is a saying that co working is not for everyone, but it really belongs to those who are self-employed, freelancing, or starting a business. The truth is that there are great benefits that can emerge out of this professional environment, so make the best use of it.