Being an entrepreneur is so cool from the outside, little do people know that being a boss is tough and is subjected to sleepless nights, sacrifices, loneliness and negativity  to reach the ultimate objective.

It’s a race everyday and you are all by yourself: to decide what’s good or bad, to hire a small team, to rent out a space to work from, to get your trademark and patent right, to manage or get capital and the list can go on; it’s not easy.

As you take your first step into entrepreneurship, buying/ leasing/ renting out an office space might look and sound pretty awesome but that’s  just for a month or two, after which you end up being stuck in the drudgery of never ending rental and utility bills. On the other side; fearing the loss, If you choose to spend all the hours you take for planning and executing tasks all by yourself in your bedroom or a lazy couch at home, then be sure to lose out on your productivity and end up being frustrated due to isolation.

The other favourable option which you could consider is, signing up for Co-working spaces , the concept that is comparatively a breaking phenomena now.

Choosing a co-working space over a serviced office or traditional office can save you from the money break-down you could possibly suffer during the initial setup of your start up. All the more you will be in a highly productive and enthusiastic environment which is quite motivating in itself.

That’s not all there are more reasons why a co-working space can do you good at the start of your entrepreneurial journey, here we go:

  1. Co-working spaces facilitate network building; In short, you can stop searching on LinkedIn to connect with people of other genres and get on your feet instead to connect with people instantaneously who will help you connect with other possible leads that could be of help in future.
  2. Helps you get business through peer recommendations and also assists in setting up your team with valuable insights from players in the same environment as you are in.
  3. Co-working spaces help in creating a professional environment right from the start of your entrepreneurial journey and prepares you for the challenge that lies ahead.
  4. Co-working spaces has less or mostly no utility bills.
  5. A creative environment with valuable inputs from other professional peers can prove to be a boon for your startup. You are all by yourself but not alone, when in doubt you can just turn around and ask for opinions.
  6. Co-working spaces are cost-effective, starting at just Rs.11,000/- per month

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