Your workspace is directly proportionate to your ability to be productive and to stay focused. The layout of your workspace, be it work at home or in a company, plays a very important role with regard to being able to produce results and achieve business objectives. Layout here refers to both the basic and complex essentials of a workspace which includes; good interiors, clean restrooms, recreational facilities, ventilated environment, uninterrupted internet connectivity, seating and the list can go on. According to studies, a well designed workspace can boost your productivity to about 20% and more.

Here are some quintessential short cuts to a productive office space:


Be it natural or artificial lighting, a workspace requires sufficient exposure to light; as bad lighting causes fatigue, eyestrain, tetchiness etc. Light is one of the most fundamental constituent for staying focused and maintaining high energy levels, yet most office spaces neglect the need to invest in proper lighting systems which ultimately results in a drop in productivity levels.

At Centre-A, we provide office spaces that are affordable with absolutely no compromise on lighting systems. Serviced offices for rent available in the heart of Kochi, equipped with world class facilities, will definitely boost employee productivity.


Interiors function like a mood ring; good interiors with subtle colours and classy decors lightens your inner self, bad interiors with dull greyscale colours does the reverse. An office space should ideally have soft colours that motivates one to work towards set goals.

Centre A, provides serviced office spaces on rent that are sure to keep your employees working spirits high all day. The interiors are designed with utmost care and extensive research on colour codes and aesthetic placement of decors to ensure liveliness all day. Organized seating and cubicle arrangements ensure ample move around space. After all, increased productivity, results in increased business growth.


Artistic minds create in cluttered work spaces. However different work objectives require muddle free work space. Well, with enough work on your to-do list every day it’s close to impossible to find time to clean the table mess.

Centre A has a solution to the same. We provide serviced office spaces for rent in Kochi, with daily house-keeping services that ensures you are at your best throughout. That’s not all, these serviced office spaces consist of morally placed cabinets and drawers, that helps organized assemblage of important documents and files.


“Work hard, play harder” the maxim that is worth if followed. Everybody needs a break from the 8-9 hour work schedule. The break taken can be spent on sipping coffee, munching snacks or probably a quick board game. These tiny breaks can without doubt increase your productivity.

Centre A office spaces have recreational facilities, to restore high energy levels and focus better. The recreational facilities include sky cafe lounge, pantry, foosball, business lounge etc. We don’t just take care of your business hours, we focus on the betterment of your staff as well.


Digital Space

Work is generally housed within our laptops which calls for un-interrupted internet connectivity. Refreshing your browser multiple times to reinstate connectivity can get frustrating and result in a drop in productivity.

Centre A office spaces comes with high speed un-interrupted internet connectivity. Happy browsing!

Serviced office spaces for rent, prime location – Kochi, at affordable prices, with premium facilities are sure to sustain employee productivity levels. Happy working! Book now: