Coworking spaces are in itself a unique opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded professionals and enjoy flexible work hours. Coworking spaces come with a world full of benefits and access to a community of forward thinkers that help enhance your business relations however, here’s a list of etiquettes you need to keep in mind while you work at a coworking space.

Etiquette #1 Noise Management

In a regular workspace, loud noise and music is seen as a sign of a happy workplace that believes in unity and oneness. However noise when created in a coworking space may seem disturbing and irritating. Stay mindful and watch your volume, avoid picking up calls and turning on music without your earphones.

Etiquette #2 Clean up

Most coworking spaces have a housekeeping team in place that ensures you have a fresh start everyday . However, it is very important that you keep your part of the shared workspace neat and tidy after your use.

Etiquette #3 Do not overuse services

Coworking spaces come with a host full of amenities that are made available to you so ensure you use these amenities respectfully. Do not overbook the conference or meeting rooms for probable meetings and then forget to cancel the booking, thus wasting the respective slot. Remember all these amenities are for everybody to use, hence ensure you do not misuse or overbook these.

Etiquette #4 Self-sufficient

It’s best to carry your nitty-gritties while you go to work. Borrowing from coworkers every now and then can probably down play your networking skills. Network for things that matter and not to borrow stationery. Every coworking space has a community manager that can be of help, get in touch with them incase you need help with nitty-gritties or using basic facilities such as printers, scanners, fax machines, Wi-Fi etc.

Etiquette #5 Network and collaborate

Coworking spaces are natural environments for you to network as much as you want. Hence make use of this opportunity and build business relationships that last. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself, take time to communicate what you do and understand what the others do as well. However, it is essential that you network during break times such as lunch or coffee breaks and not when your coworkers are busy with their work.

Etiquette #6 Start your day happy

Walk into your shared work space with a big smile and not a frown. When you are positive you tend to spread that vibe in the space you are in, which automatically brightens up your day and those around you. No one wants to work with an ill-tempered coworker, hence ensure you spread that positive verve around your workspace every day.