Famous shopping malls in kochi


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Leon Peter

Kochi's most strategically located shopping & entertainment destination. A shopping mall is a large commercial complex containing retail facilities such as stores and restaurants. It may also contain facilities for entertainment such as movie theaters and arcades for playing coin-operated video games. Cochin city include many modern malls and shopping centers. Many of these shopping centers are concentrated on M.G. Road near the heart of the city. The latest mall is Lulu HyperMarket which is the largest mall in Kochi. • Centre Square Mall • Abad Nucleus Mall • Oberon Mall • Vishal Mega Mart • Penta Menaka • Bay Pride Mall these are another shopping malls in kochi. Kochi has one of the enjoyable shopping experience. Lulu mall in Kochi is the 48th largest shopping mall in world. Lulu mall include approximately 215 outlets.

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