When moving into a new office is part of your big business plan for the year, one of the most important yet heidous task is getting the furnishings of the office space done. Furnishings include tables, storage spaces, chairs, pantry equipments, printers, internet and the list can go on. This long list is the sole reason why most of the entrepreneurs decide to stay where they are and drop the plan of signing up for a new space. Whether your business grows or downsizes, it is very important you implement necessary measures to take control of your resources. How do you take control of your resources and yet have an economical office space in place? Simply opt for fully furnished office spaces and watch your business snowball. Yes, the term ‘fully-furnished’ can be repulsive for those who do not know what it actually means and how it can reduce your cost in the long run.


Wondering what a fully furnished office spaces looks like. Well, take a virtual tour bit.ly/1Z7sBB5 or choose to read what we have in store !

Our Space includes:

IT and Telecommunications back-up:

  • High-speed enterprise internet connectivity with wi-fi.
  • Phone set-up with advanced IP telephone systems and dedicated phone lines.
  • Highly secure server room.
  • Printing stations equipped with high-end printers, scanners and copiers on every floor.

Admin Support and Management back-up:

  • Personalized telephone answering by highly trained receptionists.
  • Call forwarding services.
  • Mail handling.
  • In-house IT support staff to address your technical needs.
  • Travel desk.
  • Business concierge services

Value Added Services

  • Car parking facility in the building for you and your visitors
  • A selection of meeting rooms and conference rooms
  • 24 * 7 access
  • Well stocked pantry equipped with microwave ovens and refrigerators
  • Rooftop cafe & catering service
  • Fully air-conditioned and well ventilated
  • Sprinkler and fire alarm systems
  • Daily housekeeping services
  • Ergonomically designed spaces with spacious tables and comfy chairs.

Yes we have got all of this and more! Accelerate your dream business, simply plug-in to our workspaces and network with ease, opt for Centre A fully furnished office spaces located in the heart of Kochi. What’s more? The nearest metro station is just 50 meters away!

Note: You pay for only the seats you occupy and the rest tag along! Exciting as it sounds, give it a try we are sure you will love it. For more information call us on: +91-484 – 4148100 or email us at guestservices@centre-a.com.