Kochi is one of the busiest and most prosperous towns in the state of Kerala. According to research, Kochi has been judged to possess one of the most conducive business environments in the mid town segment. Lately Kochi has seen a 60% growth in the number of start-ups and entrepreneurial set ups in the last 5 years due to the enterprising efforts of business support services like Centre A which provide a number of facilities.

Starting Up a Business

In Kochi like anywhere else the business environment is highly competitive. Centre A makes it extremely easy for any start up or small business or newly opened up corporate branch to fast establish itself in the challenging business environment of Kochi. Providing co shared office space in Kochi to virtual office in Kochi are some of the services of Centre A which help small business owners in starting up.

Getting a prestigious real estate face

Partnering with Centre A, startups can avail the use of expensive and prestigious real estate spaces in Kochi i.e. MG road which is one of the premier commercial centers. The use of such space will be available at a huge cost savings as compared to commercial Kochi real estate rate. Start ups and entrepreneurs can achieve 35% savings in real estate costs when one invests in Centre A. For home based businesses and virtual offices, the provision of such space comes as a huge blessing as they get to present a branded and premier physical front to customers, Investors and clients. Meeting rooms in Kochi, conferencing facilities in Kochi and trained office staff in Kochi are provided by Centre A.

Customizable and Scalable Plans

Not every business has similar needs and all entrepreneurs/ new franchisee managers/ businessmen have different sets of space, manpower and paperwork requirements when it comes to setting up a business. Therefore it is best to look for a business center who has the capacity to provide customized business help packages or custom plans for start ups.

Centre A, which is run by the prestigious Alapatt group, is one of the first business support service providers in Kochi who offer customizable business help plans. Assistance in operational and administration spheres, services like virtual receptionist in Kochi, dedicated client answering services etc are provided.

Utilizing Resources

New business owners and entrepreneurs should focus on strategy, marketing and sales but often they are restricted by operational hurdles. This is where good business centers like Centre A step in with a varied portfolio of services that can lessen the huge pressure that invariably comes with opening a new business. Business resources are freed from the daily pressing demands of new set up as Centre A team manages it all at a nominal cost. Some of the affordable specialized services are dedicated customizable call center, virtual receptionist services in Kochi, conference rooms in Kochi, meeting rooms and audio. No wonder that the Kochi business environment continues to flourish as more and more dynamic startups set up roots there.