Some days you are high on productivity and just wrap up with as many assignments as possible in a snap. But then there are those days where you drag yourself to work and end up having a million sticky notes with to-dos that need to be accomplished before the sun sets. Well, for those draggy days here are some awesome tricks that could help you get back on your toes and win the match.

  1. Rule out the mess on your table. Your brain will be equally messed when you work on cluttered desk. Keep it clean.
  2. As tough as it looks to be, take it as a challenge and finish the hardest task first instead of skipping it forever. There’s no self confidence booster better than this. Moreover other tasks might feel much simpler to finish once the hardest leap is over.
  3. Colors define and decide the mood you ought to be in. Different colors define respective moods, for instance red color is preferred for work that requires deep attention. So now hop on and do a research on color-modes for moods.
  4. Plants arranged around your workspace can rejuvenate oneself naturally. It helps keep the air you are surrounded with fresh and pleasant. Researches say so, try it!
  5. Music is an anytime de-stresser and is one of the best options you could choose from to make your workload feel lighter. Try it!