Kochi is one of the top 20 cities in India for business and it is no surprise that a number of companies with headquarters elsewhere are looking to set up offices in this city or have a presence. As business booms individuals and startups too seek office spaces.

The normal route is for people to rent or buy space in commercial complexes and then go about putting in place necessary infrastructure. The infrastructure comprises of furnishing, telephone lines and internet facilities. All these are expensive and time consuming. In addition the owner or renter has to take care of payment of maintenance facilities as well as taxes and insurance. There is a simple alternative: do what people abroad are doing. Go in for fully furnished office in Kochi and save yourself the bother of owning/renting and associated headaches. You can easily get office space for lease in Kochi with world class looks, facilities and an impressive address. These too count for a lot whether you wish to impress buyers or vendors. You have more options when you consider a fully furnished office for rent in Kochi. For instance, you can go in for an air conditioned cubicle with table, executive chair, guest chairs and full furnishings or you can select a desk and chair in a large common facility or both. In addition, the office space for rent in Kochi comes with several added advantages. One is that there is a common reception area with a receptionist in attendance to create the perfect impression of a corporate organization. In addition if you go in for commercial office space for rent in Kochi you also have access to conference and business lounge in Kochi, all located in the same building in the heart of the city. Compare that against a small office in some far away commercial centre where you simply cannot hold meeting or make a great impression on your visitors and business associates.

The only benefit of owning an office is that real estate prices appreciate but that’s about all. When it comes to making an impression on business visitors it cannot hold a candle to the fully furnished office space you can rent out in the city. Given all its facilities, accessibility and conveniences, the commercial office space in Kochi is surprisingly affordable and gives more value for money. You do not have to enter into a long lease. You may want to conduct a market survey for a couple of months. In this case all you need to do is lease out the office for a month or two. You pay no agency commission and everything is included in the cost based on the number of seats occupied. You may schedule weekly meetings with all field staff in the conference hall and rent out desks for office staff with full access to telecom and internet facilities. Once done with you simply pack up your bags and files and leave. If you wish to return to the same address in future, just a few days’ advance notice and Centre A is ready for you.