Get into a positive mindset this new year – 4 ways

With the New Year insight, you may be starting to think about making resolutions, just what all of us towards the start of a new year. But how many of us can keep up with the resolutions we make? Well, honestly, not many of us and halfway into the year, stress eats us up, and we end up letting go of the so-called goals, resolutions, new year new you etc. We think a positive mindset can help you get through anything. But where do you get that positiveness from? Read on to find out.

Before setting out to make your 2020 goals, we have four tips you could follow to get into a positive state of mind, eventually, the one that’s going to help you achieve your goals.

1. Never start with a blank sheet of paper: When making resolutions, start by listing your accomplishments in the previous year as this gives you more energy and makes you feel that you are closer to the finish line. In fact, using this strategy daily throughout the rest of the year can help you keep your resolutions intact. Do not make a list of all the things you have left to accomplish in the day, instead start by writing down all the things you’ve already finished and tick those off. When your brain sees the ticks, it releases something called success accelerates, thus putting you in a positive state of mind and allows you to increase your speed towards achieving the rest of the goals.

2. Kick-start your day with a positive email: Do you often start off your day by skimming through your inbox for the most urgent emails? How often are those urgent messages positive? To start your day in a positive mindset, writing a positive email to a friend, co-worker, a client can help. This essentially means that you are starting the day not with a threat ( which a negative email usually is), but with a social connection. We do it all the time, it certainly feels so well, trust us!

3. Use positive language in goal-setting. Many of us make resolutions to stop negative behavior such as smoking or eating junk food, experts suggest one should instead focus on positive habits to replace the negative one you want to break. Instead of making a resolution to avoid ordering in junk at work, resolve to bring healthier snacks to work every day. So you see by changing the language of your resolution from negative to positive, your brain actually doesn’t waste its resources dwelling on the negative habit you’re trying to avoid but instead uses its energy towards the new positive practice.

4. Focus on positive habits: Incorporate positive practices into your daily routine and experience the benefits of an optimistic outlook. Positive habits like meditating or writing down about a positive experience ultimately contribute to higher levels of job satisfaction, job effectiveness, and lower stress levels.

We hope these tips help you go big and make this year count! Happy 2020!


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