Is it about time you received a higher pay all because you deserve one? However, you are sceptical about receiving the same due to economic descend. Well, haven’t all of us been there? Experts have stated that, even if an organization is facing a money crunch a salary hike to the right employee is never overlooked.

Not many companies look out for opportunities to raise employee pay scale. At times you need to take a stand for yourself and ask for a bigger paycheck if you think you deserve it and have been lately involved in closing on tasks that have led to the betterment of the organisation.

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Asking for a raise takes a lot of guts and self confidence . In this blog we bring to you powerful hacks that can prep you up before you ask for a salary review.

  1. Do a quick self analysis and check if you have done anything that merits a raise.
  2. Make sure your manager is in a comfortable headspace to talk about taking your opportunities a step higher. It is advised to schedule an appointment with your respective team leader and give him or her a heads up into what you would like to discuss with them.
  3. Do a thorough research of recent salary reviews within your team and what the industry pay scale looks like for similar positions.
  4. Backing up your request for a salary review should essentially consists of a log that withholds information of victorious task completions and merits. Keep track of the number of clients you handle the percentage of sales you have contributed to, the number of tasks you have closed well before the deadline etc.
  5. Practice your conversation beforehand through role-play. Choose a strong partner who can be your friend/ family or simply someone you trust and practice this big day conversation with them. This essentially prep’s you up for the real convo.
  6. Giving a raise would result in only benefits is what you need to make your manager understand. Tell him/her that when you climb one step higher on the financial ladder it automatically motivates you to add in more efforts to complete a task and  work harder thus resulting in higher revenues.
  7. Make sure that you let your manager know that you are unique.
  8. Do not threaten to quit as that can result in a negative impact.
  9. Do not fear to speak up. Remember you are responsible for your career growth. If you think you need a raise or a promotion, don’t shy away, instead just speak-up for yourself.
  10. Last but not the least be prepared for NO as an answer. However make sure before you accept the NO for an answer , put in a kind request of discussing the same in 90 days or after  a couple of months. This leaves a positive impact on your manager.

We hope these tips are just enough to prep you up for your big day. Be confident and fearless, stay away from unwanted stress and manipulation, after all if you don’t speak up for yourself then no one will.

Hope you have an amazing powerful week ahead!