Here are some Coworking Statistics you shouldn’t miss!

The idea of Coworking spaces officially came into life in 2005, which evolved from an idea that had existed from 1995 – known as hackerspace. The main difference between a hackerspace and a coworking space is that, the later has flexible desks for individuals and groups. The person who found coworking space in 2005 is Brad Neuberg, in San Fransisco.  And since then, the concept of Coworking spaces has got wide attention from all around the globe.  

Here are some statistics: 

1) 1995

Hackerspace founded in the year 1995 in Berlin, Germany. This was mainly set up for like-minded people to meet and share ideas.  

2) 2002

Vienna has its first Coworking-Space-like set up known as community center for entrepreneurs. The space then grew rapidly that in 2007 it became a local network of coworking spaces.  

3) 2005

The first coworking space was opened in San Fransisco by Brad Neuberg, as a response towards unproductive home offices.  

4) Today there are around 19,000 coworking spaces around the world according to a study in 2019. 

5) The success of the concept of coworking spaces can be proved by its numbers. There around 3 million coworking globally in the year 2019.  

6) Asian-Pacific region is the largest hub of coworking space in the world.  

7) The most number of people who opted for coworking spaces are Freelancers.  

These statistics prove how the concept of coworking spaces gained attention worldwide, and it continues to grow. The major reason behind this is the ease of access, reduction in set-up cost, networking, world-class facilities, and more! 

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