The way we live today is substantially different from what our ancestors did a few generations

ago. From the way we commute, to the way we communicate, and our growing dependence on

technologically advanced devices & tools, could leave our ancestors totally confused and

baffled. But despite these magnanimous changes in the way we live, the way we work has

almost been the more or less similar. Maybe, the interiors and tools of work have changed, but

we still we still consider a huge office with desks, cubicles and cabins to be our offices. But all

that is changing now, and for good. Business have come to realize that every form of specialised

job doesn’t have to be carried out of two-by-three cubicles. Businesses are moving on to catch-

up with the buzz: work-on-the-move. This will slowly diminish the value of large offices and

render them in consequential. The future of the workplace is therefore a virtual office, also

known as plug-and-play office. These are basically the kind of work spaces that could offer

much more flexibility to the businesses and their employees as well. One of the pioneers in

virtual office spaces in Cochin, Kerala is Center A. It offers Fully Furnished Office space in Kochi

and some of the most functional virtual office space solutions in Kochi. Here are the various

advantages of virtual offices:


Maximizes Productivity


In keeping with rapid pace of ever-evolving face of professional work culture across the world,

Virtual offices are essentially built on the idea of keeping the things simple. With this notion,

virtual offices let you maximize your productivity without boundaries while becoming more

constructive wherever business takes you. Your employees can work virtually work from

anywhere you want them to, be it on the lounge, back-yard or where ever on the premises.

They can actively indulge in a business-conversation in the cafeteria or the recreational area. All

this is packaged in an extremely cost-effective way so that you can do everything possible,

anywhere you are. Moreover, when your location shows your company status, you can get your

address in the most prestigious locations based on your choice. This not only saves you on the

expenses to set-up your personal office, but also helps you avoid financial crises in the future.

It’s basically like having your own office without having to invest in one.


Supports Growth


Lets’ consider the virtual offices at Center A for instance. By hiring a virtual office at Center A

you can have the following benefits –

  • You can use of Centre A’s premier business address on your business cards, websitesand all other communication thereby giving credibility to your start-up
  • You’d have the luxury of a dedicated telephone number with personalized phoneanswering in your company name by our professionally trained receptionists – ensuresclient satisfaction.
  • You would get 24/7 voicemail access – this way you will never lose a new lead or willever have an unhappy customer
  • Your Mail and fax will be handled by our staff as per your instructions
  • You can impress your clients by having your meetings at our world class meeting roomsand board rooms at discounted business center prices.
  • You can start a new business with lower risk and initial cost
  • You can focus more on your core business because our professional support team isalways there for your assistance


So if you are planning to start your office in Kochi immediately, you now know where to head.

Thus, Center A has essentially changed the face of workplace. Go ahead, and signing up with

one of Centre A’s virtual office packages, and enjoy the numerous benefits, that one could

hardly imagine a few generations ago!