Video conferencing is the preferred way to set up meetings and communicate online rather than meet in person or talk over the phone. The benefits are obvious. You can watch and listen to the other participants. Video conferencing also allows you to show objects, charts and presentations. It is like meeting in person but without the hassles of travel and other expenses. However, setting up video conferencing is not quite smooth as one would think. You would need a high speed broadband or ISDN connectivity for smooth, break-free video transmissions along with the associated equipments. This calls for investment that may not be justified given the fact that you may not hold video conferences very other day. This is where you benefit from video conferencing Kochi based Centre A offers.


Why Centre A for Video Conferencing

Centre A is the premier virtual business address in Kochi. You can hire their fully furnished office in Kochi for any duration with no restrictions and pay according to facilities used. When you rent their shared office space for lease in Kochi, you have access to video conferencing, audio conferencing, virtual receptionist in Kochi, secretarial services, IT support, internet and telecom facilities, a fully equipped pantry and a café on the premises. You may or may not use their co-working space in Kochi but if you wish to set up video conference, Centre A offers the finest A grade facilities such as:

  • IP or ISDN connectivity with high bandwidth. This translates to uninterrupted and smooth flow of high quality video stream to participants.
  • A separate room is set up exclusively for video conference allowing full HD quality video and crisp audio, along with other equipments such as computer systems and audio visual aids you can use for online presentation.
  • You pay for the room according to the duration of usage. Centre A rates are the lowest in comparison to quality.
  • High quality remote controlled video cameras, microphones, computers with high compression codecs, monitors, whiteboards and associated peripherals smoothly integrated into one package are all available in-house.
  • Reach out to anyone anywhere in the world with the sophisticated Centre A video conference facility.
  • Full support is available from in-house IT staff to set up the system. All you need to do is walk in, switch it on, connect it with participants across the world and get started.
  • Centre A employs multipoint control unit in IP/ISDN based system that allows you to seamlessly switch for one-to-one video conversation or carry out interaction with a number of participants while responding to individual queries. This is a high end professional setup found only with service providers and corporate environments.

Video conferencing from the virtual offices in Kochi maintained by Centre A will save you a lot of time, energy and cost while helping you achieve your end objective besides impressing potential customers.