How are we making our workspace safer? – Hygiene practices

Here’s how we do it and you could contribute too!

Practices on our list:

  • Medical Grade Sanitizers placed at all entrances and common areas
  • Ensuring housekeeping and cafe staff practice strict hygiene
  • Sanitizing doorknobs, handles, railings, tables, desks, and chairs at regular intervals
  • Avoiding business travel for now
  • Postponing meetings unless absolutely necessary
  • Adjusting air condition to promote better ventilation
  • Doing away with powerful handshake pleasantries
  • A 24×7 support team to assist you at all times
  • Staying home if unwell

Things you could do:

  • Stop greeting with handshakes
  • Keep a sanitizer handy and wash hands regularly
  • Avoid sharing food
  • Choose to video conference meetings
  • Stay home if unwell
  • Postpone meetings unless its absolutely necessary


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