For a businessman or a professional, setting up an office and running it involves the highest costs. Apart from the capital outlay in the office you would also need to employ staff that again means additional expenditure. Smart businessmen do not invest in offices or staff but use the capital to grow business while running their business professionally.

With Centre A offering superior, classy, virtual office in Kochi, you have office spaces in prime locality, all amenities and services in-house that further your impression with clients.  Here is the lowdown on all that you get when you use Centre A’s virtual office for rent in Kochi.


Fully furnished, fully equipped offices in prime location

Centre A virtual business address in Kochi in a prime location gives your business a head start. Address is everything as any successful businessman will tell you. Centre A offers the entire suite ranging from shared office space in Kochi to fully furnished office in Kochi to office space for lease in Kochi or co-working space in Kochi according to your budget and convenience. If your work mainly involves traveling and you only need office address and some working space occasionally, you get what you need on a pay per day or week basis, along with a host of other facilities.


Conference Rooms, Virtual Receptionist Video conferencing

You can have a small office in a shopping complex but Centre A corporate facilities help you project a superior professional image. Should you need to hold meetings all you have to do is book Centre A’s conference room for rent in Kochi and impress business associates but at a far lower price. In addition to audio conferencing and video conferencing, there is a virtual receptionist in Kochi to answer telephone calls and welcome visitors to the business lounge in Kochi.


Advanced IT, IP and Leased Internet

The corporate feel is further enhanced by the availability of advanced IT facilities and support from a team of IT professionals in the commercial office space for rent in Kochi. IP based voice and video calls help you keep in touch, conduct conferences and meetings online at reduced costs and leased internet allows high speed internet surfing. Try installing all these facilities and it will cost you a packet but with Centre A, all these are pre-installed and ready to go the moment you start working.


24 hour security, secretarial and administration support, pantry

A professional needs support by way of secretarial services, pantry, photocopy and others such as 24 hour security. Centre A provides all these seamlessly integrated into the corporate ambience of its world class commercial office space in Kochi. The per day or per week or monthly rates are low, arrangements are flexible and you can always book extra services besides the bare bones rates for shared and co-working spaces.

Just one decision and you get double benefit. You save a lot of capital you would otherwise invest in office space and, at the same time, you have a complete corporate setup with support services but at a low, low cost.