How to stay safe at work during COVID

The number of COVID cases are on the decline but it is still important for each of us to stay cautious, especially in a workplace. It is natural for us to let our guards down as the situation gets better but then we risk getting hit by another wave. With that being said, ‘Work From Home’ doesn’t seem to suit every business or even freelancers. They lack proper communication, facilities, and much more. Here are some essential things to consider if you are working from your office

1) Be careful when you commute

Firstly, be very cautious when you commute from your home to your workplace as this is when you risk the most, and then eventually infect your coworkers. Try avoiding sitting beside anyone even if it is someone you know. You should also maintain a safe distance from people around you and use a sanitiser after touching any surface.

2) Social distancing at work

Work might get complicated and require a lot of group meetings but ensure you always maintain a safe distance from your coworkers – for your own safety and that of others. And not just at work but even during breaks try not to gather around.

3) Follow safety measures

If you work at a business centre, your provider should have set have many safety measures. Like at Centre A, where we sanitise the entire facility regularly, encourage social distancing practices, ensure no one behaves in a manner that is harmful to others, and various other facilities implemented just for the prevention of spread of the virus. You should be sure to cooperate with these safety measures as it not only impacts your life but also others around you.

4) If you feel vulnerable

If you feel you have any health issues – mild or severe – it is recommended you stay back home with approval from your management. In such cases, a temporary ‘work from home’ approval will be helpful.

We hope these tips help you in some way, and that you are able to work safely and responsibly.


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