How we keep office spaces safe during the Pandemic?

It’s in the minds of many that working from an office space can be a bad idea during the pandemic. And we would say that, yes, it can be a bad idea but not if your provider has taken all necessary precautions.

We see a lot of businesses starting to operate smoothly in our city. How do they do it?

By taking necessary precautions! That’s the best way to fight the virus while you keeping your business alive. And that’s principle we follow at Centre A. We make sure our office spaces and every other premise is safe and secure.

Here are some of the major activities at Centre A, to keep our premises safe from the virus.

  1. Clean environment
    We clean the entire facility with strong sanitizers and anti-disinfectants many times within a day to make sure it always remains safe. A business centre can get very busy with a lot of people going in and out of the building. This is why we believe there is a necessity for frequent cleaning.
  2. Thermal check-up on entry
    We make sure no one enters the vicinity without proper Thermal Check-up. Everyone has to undergo thermal checking before entering to Centre A. This is another procedure that ensures our clients more safety.
  3. Re-arranged office spaces
    We have completely re-arranged the office spaces in order to fit the social distancing guidelines. We make sure everyone works in a safe environment where a distancing of at least 6ft is maintained between each seat.
  4. Constant education and awareness
    We never stop spreading awareness among people in order to make sure everyone follows the guidelines. We educate and help people social distance, use safety precautions and work safely.

Now, why is it important that you take these measures and work from your workplace rather than “home” which is already safe? Work from home seemed like a good idea to many at first, but then it only got more stressful. Employees started to complain how boring their lives have gotten since the start of work from home. We understand that it’s not for everyone. For professional work experience, you do need to work in a professional environment.


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