What is that one thing that has gone really scarce and not many of them have it? Money? No. It’s Time. Yes, in the changing world, money might have held on its importance, but it’s Time that has come back with vengeance. So much so that people are willing to pay through their nose to get their work done in time. For the simple reason that time is as valuable as money, if not more. So, when Time is money, no shrewd businessman would want to waste this precious commodity. That becomes all the more relevant when you’re in search of Commercial Office space to set up your office. Here, a Fully Furnished office, also known as Serviced office will not only help you save time, but also save you money, big time!


Furniture such as desks, chairs and cabinets are one of the prime expenses of any new office space. The cost could sometimes run into lakhs of rupees, making it difficult for startups. Thus, a company like Centre A, an established office space and enterprise solutions company, which offers Fully Furnished Office space in Kochi/Cochin, will help you get through the initial challenge of setting up your own office, irrespective of the size of your organization.

Apart from providing office space that is fully furnished and equipped with workstations, furniture, and more, Serviced offices also can offer that additional value along, that come packaged with various benefits. Centre A, for instance offers some of these awesome tangible & intangible features that include – a Virtual receptionist, Conference room for rent, Meeting rooms for rent, audio conferencing room, etc. (in Kochi, Kerala).

Love instant coffee? How about an instant office?

Love instant coffee? How about an instant office?

Also, the fully furnished offices offer highly flexible offices solutions to keep overheads and commitments low. Flexibility offered is not just in terms of office space, but even lease periods, as one can choose to stay for a minimum term of one month to 12 months and above. This works out to be a great cost advantage, especially for small enterprises, who can now react to the market conditions with minimum risk and more confidence.

When your business success is tied to your workplace, it makes sense to have it at the right place. A traditional office space with all amenities and conveniences at the center of the city’s business district may come at a premium. But shared office space like Centre A, not just gives you these facilities at one of the business hot spots in Kochi, but also provides them at a much lesser cost than setting up your own office.

Also having a beautiful-looking, fully furnished office is great for any business, as it will give your customers a good first impression of you and your company. And, when it comes as instantly as a cup of coffee from a vending machine, who wouldn’t love it?