Internet Connectivity problems kill productivity and is the number one reason for wasted time at a workplace. All thanks to the death of the slack dial-up, the fancy termed ‘high-speed’ internet is no less. Technical glitches as such become twice a problem especially when you’re desperately trying to meet the deadline, and your internet connection is experiencing blues. A recent survey from various sources concluded that out of the 2,000 office employees it consulted, above 60 percent mentioned slow wifi or internet connection speed as one of the most problematic issues they face at their workplace. Employees can get extremely unhappy and frustrated with the low internet connectivity which in turn depreciates their performance.

Constant internet connectivity issues can divide your attention between your actual job responsibilities and trying to figure out the technical support required to fix the problem.

Quite recently we came across a report published in a leading UK daily, which stated that “workers estimated technology problems meant losing 30 minutes of working time each day.”

And some reasons for the internet problems being:

  1. Placement of the Wi-Fi router
  2. Sharing an internet router is impossible and will eventually lead to troubleshooting.
  3. The type of material used in the construction of the workspace can affect the speed of the wireless connection.
  4. Internet connection is not available at cost-effective prices.

At Centre-A, we have dealt with all of the above issues differently. We understand how important time and productivity are to your business and so we provide high-speed enterprise internet connection and dedicated customized telephone lines to all our members.  Also, our in-house IT support promises zero troubleshooting or technical glitches. If at any point you may come across an issue as such it is instantly taken care off, well, because time is precious and it’s essential to make the most of it, isn’t it? Increased productivity and working efficiently are two things that help an organization to reach its milestones, so why waste your valuable time on insignificant matters like these. Channelise your energy into your most important tasks and leave the glitches to our IT experts.

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