Is it the best time to choose Virtual Offices?

Pandemic situation is still looking bad in Kerala, especially in major cities like Kochi, Trivandrum, and Calicut. And so, most of us forced to work from home which is really boring!  

Despite all that, there still a way for you to maintain a premium business address, even if you have given up your physical office space. How’s that? Most of the entrepreneurs give up on the physical office spaces because of its rent but virtual offices are very, very cheap.  

For instance, by opting for our virtual office address in Kochi, you get a premium business address located right in the heart of the city – MG Road! You could work from home but your business could still maintain a premium business address at very cheap rates, which also includes services such as mail/call handling etc.  

Let’s a take a deeper understanding of essential features to be included in Virtual Office services.  

  1. Dedicated phone number with trained receptionist to answer phone calls.  
  2. 24*7 voicemail access.  
  3. Mail and courier handling.  

We think it would be a good option for business to set-up virtual offices and avail such cool services at very affordable rates. We would love to know your thoughts. So, feel free to comment below! 


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