Is work from home as good as it seems?

The world has slowly started recover from the pandemic and many of the economies around the world are back to a normal state. Here in Kochi, even though we are through the grim days of lock-downs and other restrictions, we still need to stay cautious as the threat of more waves of COVID-19 remains an imminent threat.  

Compared to the initial days of the pandemic, we now know how to lead a normal life when staying safe and stopping the spread of the virus. So should worries of COVID-19 stop us from working from office space and lead the normal work life we used to experience? We learnt that the best way to overcome the pandemic is not through fear but proceeding with caution and slowly get back into normal life routine. Work from home can seem alright but when considering the bigger picture, it’s got a negative side to it as well – some of which we might not even think about. For a better understanding let us take a look at some of the drawbacks of the WFH trend.

  1. The feeling of isolation. 
    When you work from home, you spend most of your time working all by yourself, alone in your own world. Of course, there could be calls and online meetings but still you’d lack the experience of real world interactions. This can lead to problems like loneliness, and also develop a sense of inferiority when trying to socialize in the real world. The mental effects WFH has on us is definitely the most important drawback to be considered.

  2. Staying productive
    Work from home gives us with the freedom and flexibility to work the way we desire. This can sometimes drive one’s focus away from the seriousness of work and interfere with productivity and eventually catching up with deadlines. The work atmosphere that can be found in a workplace is missing at home, and staying focused can be a challenge. It is natural that our attention can be grabbed by our surroundings – we are humans after all, and not robots. We need a space that promotes productivity, and the home to be where we enjoy our personal lives.

  3. Investment in home office setup. 
    Depending on the nature of your work, you might have to invest in buying equipment or even use your own personal hardware to get work done. Not every piece of equipment or hardware could be provided by companies and so, there is a possibility you might have to make an investment. 

  4. Working overtime
    WFH has the possibility of tying one to the work desk, and encourage to work overtime. Also, this could also mean the inability to complete tasks promptly due to distractions at home which builds up the pressure and leads to extensive working hours. 
    These are some of the critical thoughts we have on WFH, which has become a trend especially since the pandemic. We believe it’s still a personal choice but it is important to stay aware of the negative impacts it can have. Even if one chose to work from home, it still would be beneficial to sometimes catch up with teammates in real or plan a couple of days to work together from a co working space where you only pay for the days you use the facility.


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